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WinWintar Remix

2008-10-10 17:34:13 by DJBulwark

Had a lot of fun doing that one. Started up Live after finally getting that trial key and just messed around with what I had on the original song and added a few effects and some new stuff, messed around with the sequence a lot and naturally I managed to nearly double it's length XD

Although I'm still getting "It's missing something" comments from friends. Honestly I'm not that surprised as I'm still new and naturally just getting my feet wet, so it's not like my music's gonna make people go crazy with emotion.

Also I will admit I absolutely love Reason's Combinator and Arpeggiator.

THAT IS ALL. Enjoy the song!


2008-09-21 19:39:19 by DJBulwark

Just gonna start making songs and posting them. The first one I posted was... well shitty but I didn't put a lot of time into it anyways.