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2008-09-21 19:39:19 by DJBulwark

Just gonna start making songs and posting them. The first one I posted was... well shitty but I didn't put a lot of time into it anyways.


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2008-09-21 19:41:18

How hard is it to make music? I've never tried.

DJBulwark responds:

Well it's not very hard per-sey, but it takes a lot of knowledge. With the program I use (Reason 4) it pays to learn a lot about synthesizers so you can more effectively create a certain sound. Also a lot of it comes down to developing an ear for samples, or clips of music.

Realistically it'll take a lot of reading. I suggest you only go forth with it if you really like making music =)


2008-09-21 20:02:52

where is it?

DJBulwark responds:

It's under review actually.


2008-09-21 20:08:58

I love music and I might try making some. I don't like using flash much, so I want to try something else. :D